Smooth seas make poor sailors

Alright, it wasn’t a terrible dream, it’s not a practical joke, this is reality for the next four years. Shake off the haze, dry off the tears, get back on your feet.

How do we fight back? Today, day one. What power do we possibly have? What weapons do we have against a newly emboldened racist, sexist, xenophobic society?

I’ve got some good news, we have a secret weapon… We have weapon with mind altering powers. A weapon that can’t be confiscated or manipulated. It can change a country without ever spilling a drop of blood. Our weapon is our ART.

Are you angry? Good, you should be!! Put it into your music.

Are you heartbroken? That sucks, but thats when creativity flows most freely. Put it on a canvas.

Are you scared? Excellent, thats when an artist becomes brave. Write it in your satire! Laughter disarms demagouges.

Want proof that it works? We got complacent, we got comfortable. We produced reality TV instead of real art. Now we reap it’s foul harvest. President Trump.

We can turn it around, we can fight back. I can’t wait to get started! I’m starting today!!